Our Team

We have a very dedicated Team of highly qualified and experienced Industry professionals.


Prof Krishnamoorthy Kannan


KK Biotech

  • Dynamic: Promoted Biotechnology in Academics (CBSE Schools and Universities), Industry and Research Institutions.
  • Expertise in Inspiring, Ideation and Implementation of Biotechnology through Research, Development, Demonstration and Dissemination.
  • Focus Stem Cell based applications, Proteins and Enzymes based processes and applications.
  • Keen Strategist in Future and Tomorrow’s Technologies, moving ahead of time in implementing new and emerging areas in Biotechnology and bridging the technological and educational gaps in rural and tribal areas.
  • Promoting overall personality development in art, culture, music and communication skills.

Areas of Competence

  1. Vice Chancellor Nagaland Central University (2006-2011) established two new campuses in Meriema, Kohima and in Dimapur. School of Engineering , Technology and Management(SETAM) at Dimapur recognized by AICTE is the first ever program in the state of Nagaland. Established the permanent Headquarters of Nagaland University at Lumami, Zunheboto from interim headquarters in Kohima. Optical fibre internet in all campuses were established which enabled linking of Dimapur campus with IIITM, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala through Railtel network in 2008 and enabled NPTEL lectures for the first time in the country.
  2. As the first Professor of Indraprastha University and Founder Dean of Biotechnology established the BTech/ MTech Biotechnology with innovative courses like IPR, Stem Cells in Healthcare, Cell and Developmental Biology and Marketing for the first time in the country in 1999. The ratio of applicants to selected students was 300:1through entrance exam in four years of establishment. In the first seven years nearly 80% of the students went on to do higher studies in USA and Europe. Many are permanent faculties in IISER, IIT or faculties in USA and Europe and few of them are entrepreneurs in USA and Europe. As National Convenor of Biotechnology for CBSE schools introduced Biotechnology as an optional subject for Central Board of Secondary Education (India) for class XI and XII in the year 2002. The text books and practical books was appreciated by the Nobel Laureate and President of Royal Society London Dr Aaron Klug FRS .
  3. As a consultant helped start-ups Mahan Proteins to adapt imported whey protein technology to make Whey Protein Concentrate(WPC 80%) from buffalo milk in India for the first time in the year 1997, DSS ImageTech to diversify into DNA based diagnostics using FISH technology for the first time in India in the year 1998,Upstablish (Greenest) to create mock meat using textured vegetable protein having greater than 20% protein as Chief of Technology in the year 2018-2020.


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Awards and Achievements

  • Recipient of National Science Talent Scholarship.
  • Recipient of Govt. of India Scholarship for higher research abroad.
  • Fellow Bhoovigyan Vikas Foundation.


Dr. Bhanu Sharma

Ph.D., N.D.

Educator, Scientist, Regulatory Compliance,FDA Product approval, Digital Health


Bhanu Sharma is currently at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California with a leadership role in clinical research for drugs and medical devices including COVID-19, digital health, imaging sensor devices based on artificial intelligence & machine learning covering all therapeutic area.

  • He has over 20 years of experience in bringing drugs and devices to market most notably drugs-of-abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring, infectious diseases, OTC software as a medical device (SaMD) for electrocardiogram (ECG) and Atrial Fibrillation on Apple Smartwatch.
  • His expertise lies in product development from research to final product and everything in between, and its approval by FDA and International regulatory agencies.
  • He has published over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals, published 5 books covering biochemistry, immunology, genetics, microbiology, and targeted therapeutic systems. The latest book is “Diagnostics in the year 2000”. In addition, he has several patents in biotechnology.
  • He is sought-after speaker and trainer in regulatory compliance worldwide.
  • His life purpose is to help people live happy and healthy by bringing simple things to people that are free.


Dr N Ramasubramaniam

B.Sc (Chemistry), B.Sc(Tech) and PhD(Tech) (Food Technology)

Co-Founder VR Food Tech Mumbai


VR Food Tech undertakes contract product development for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and medium scale companies or any company which wants to outsource the product development. Product development laboratories are situated both in Mumbai and Chennai. VR Food Tech also offers regulatory consultancy to food companies in Indian and International regulations and also in training and implementation of food safety management systems .

  • Over 30 years’ experience in Indian food industry (Indian and multinational food companies) as Quality and Product Development Manager
  • Developed a number of products in the area of fruit drinks/juices, functional foods, instant foods, baby food, etc.
  • Managed manufacturing units, implemented food safety management systems and has been practising consultancy since 2003.
  • BSc(Hons) Chemistry Delhi University
  • B.Sc(Tech) (Food Technology) UDCT Mumbai
  • Ph.D (Tech) (Food Technology), UDCT,Mumbai


Dr. Raja Mugasimangalam

MSc (Biotechnology), PhD (Genetic Engineering)

Founder Genotypic Technology in 1998 -India’s first Genomics Company.


He is a BSc in Biochemistry from PSG CAS (Coimbatore- 1986), MSc (1988) in Biotechnology, the first batch of National entrance test conducted by NBTB (now DBT) and PhD (1994) in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology from Madurai Kamaraj University.

  • As the Founder QTLomics (India's first Agri Genomics Company) in 2013, he brought Genomics applications in Agriculture along with his wife.
  • He Built a strong NETWORK with scientists in academics, government and industries around the world in a collaborative mode by applying Genomics in Basic and applied research.
  • Published over 25 Peer reviewed Publications .
  • Has multiple patents.
  • Genotypic has been part of over 6000 research projects.
  • 25 products that are already in the market.


Sudha N Rao

PhD (Biotechnology) MKU

Co-Founder Genotypic Technology Pvt Ltd. in 1998.


Entrepreneur who broke the Myth that Genomics based diagnostics labs are high on investment having driven the start-up with a small Angel fund and establishing a reputable client base and several tests within a short span.

  • Over two decades of experience as a Researcher and Entrepreneur
  • Post-doctoral studies in Neurobiology at Cornell Medical School, New York.
  • Consultant for Quark Pharma in Israel, working on a project to identify genetic suppressor elements.
  • Created the first trained workforce in genomics.
  • Handles Operations, Finance, and Key relationships for the company.
  • On the Board of studies of several reputed Institutions including PSGTECH Coimbatore


Dr Amit Tuteja

Scientist, Social Entrepreneur

Research scientist turned social entrepreneur.


Dr. Amit Tuteja is a research scientist turned social entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Connecting Dreams Foundation - an organisation that seeks to bridge the gap between urban and rural India using technology, entrepreneurship and power of youth

  • An ardent believer in inclusive growth, he is passionate about transforming the society and empowering the community.
  • Prior to the entrepreneurial adventure, he has worked as a Research Scientist at The Centre for Genomic Applications (CSIR, Govt of India) and has spent better half of the decade in managing research activities in the field of Biotechnology.
  • A creative personality himself, he has led various workshops for youth on ideation, innovation and entrepreneurship in India and abroad.
  • Additionally, his recent role in driving Intel’s “Innovate For Digital India Challenge (IFDIC)” is particularly noteworthy.
  • He has also played key role is setting up 10 COE Atal Tinkering Labs across different parts of India with Niti Aayog. Amit also initiated India Cowin Action Network (ICAN) in 2020 in order to help the underprivileged communities that have been hardest hit due to COVID-19.
  • Several state governments and central government ministries and agencies like NITI Aayog, Press Information Bureau have extended support and hailed ICAN as one of eminent citizen initiatives in the fight against coronavirus.


Dr Amit Kumar Bhattacharya


Cell and Tissue Analysis


• Worked with multinational companies in this technology space like Bio-Rad Laboratories, Carl Zeiss, Leica, Microsystems, Danaher Corporation, nFerence (formerly Spectral Insights) and Fluidigm. At present with TissueGnostics .

  • Over 20 years in roles of technology and product marketing for applications in cellular and tissue analysis.
  • High end fluorescence microscopies and high parameter flow and mass cytometry, 3D and high-resolution fluorescence microscopy.
  • Automated and high throughput microscopy and image analysis for tissue analysis, digital pathology and multi-omic single cell analysis for applications in precision medicine and pharmaceutical research.
  • MSc Botany Honours, University of Delhi
  • PhD (Cancer Biology) Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad


Dr. Suman Kumar Das

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Mirai Foods AG, Switzerland


Having discovered key pathways involved in muscle stem cell physiology, cellular/mitochondrial metabolism as a postdoc was a turning point for creating meat in the laboratory. Proof of concept was demonstrated within six months at Mirai Foods and received more than 4.5 million USD seed funding to fast-track cultivated meat's commercialization.

  • Worked on several projects as a Scientific Leader at Novartis with a focus on therapeutic interventions for muscle atrophy, aging, skin regeneration, and wound
  • Editorial Board Member of Abdomen Journal
  • Reviewer of Metabolism Journal
  • Reviewer of European Journal of Cancer
  • Reviewer of Plos One
  • Authored more than 20 high-impact publications, with more than 1100 citations (h-index 15). Two granted patents.




Life science professional with MBA in Project Operations and multidisciplinary experience


Life science professional with MBA in Project Operations and multidisciplinary experience of over 14 years in research & development, clinical diagnostics, laboratory management, global regulatory affairs, laboratory accreditation, business development, global market research and analytics.

  • Business Development Strategies ,Technology Transfer Facilitation's, New Technology Initiation
  • Government Regulations : US, European, Japanese, Australian, Indian for Biologicals, Stem cells
  • Research & Development - Initializing Research Projects, Validation, Standardization, Training
  • Setting up Stem cell Laboratories, Clean Rooms & Validations
  • Laboratory Management, Quality Control and Assurance of Stem cells
  • Efficiency Expert in Overall Process, Project, Manpower Management