Continious Professional Development

For the budding Biotechnologist

  • KK Biotech provides a platform to start early in Biotechnology and help them decide subject combination which will help them to diversify into newer career opportunities

For the future Biotechnologist

  • For students pursuing Biotechnology (B Tech, BSc, MTech, MSc) KK Biotech provides a personalised program for an individual or a group of students who are keen to understand the subject and may decide to pursue a career in this field. Depending on the number of credits of a particular subject, a program is designed after mutual discussion.
  • We Offer internship for students of Graduate and Post-Graduate courses to help them enhance there career prospects. (minimum group size of 5 required). Special innaugural pricing of Rs 4000 per student for group of 10 or more students

For the practising Biotechnologist

  • KK Biotech can help researchers PhD/Postdoc have a personalised meeting and help them to get Inspired, Ideate and Implement their ideas or discovery and in the process form a scientific team to do business and launch themselves as an entrepreneur

Post Covid Restructuring of Biotechnology program in Universities as per New Education Policy 2020

  • Covid 19 has affected not only enrolment of New Students but also enrolled students. . Many online courses have been approved by UGC making many universities unviable. In order to bridge this gap and to be relevant and useful to society, Biotechnology program needs to be revamped for the sake of our youth pursuing Biotechnology in order to become forefront runners for the future health care and Sustainable life.
Biotechnology has been constantly evolving rapidly since 1973 every decade.
Magnitude of Covid-19 has tested the limits of responding capacities by
  • Government
  • Public Health
  • Healthcare Infrastructure
  • Diagnostic Laboratories

  • KKBiotech can provide consultancy for post pandemic curriculum development of Biotechnology for the University department to make it viable and effective.

KKBiotech Forum :

  • A platform for interaction once a month among aspiring and practising Biotechnologist and experts in a particular domain to appreciate the evolution of their profession and opportunities available.

Biotechnology Education for Students &Teachers (BEST Club)

  • KK Biotech will provide a platform to appreciate how Research, Development, Demonstration and Dissemination has led to Biotech products through case studies. KK Biotech will bring like minds together once a month in a year and interact with experts in the field.
  • BEST Club membershipmonthly/quarterly/annual/ group of 10 membership includes two club meetings on first and third saturday from 7pm to 8pm every month and one lecture held every month of one hour session followed by Q&A for half an hour usually in the fourth week of every month in the evening.
  • KKBiotech provides the following Introductory modules of 3 lectures of one hour duration in topics like Biomolecules/Quantitative Biology /Computational Biology/Stem Cell Biology, Downstream Processing or any other topic students wish to pursue out of interest. Each session would be of one hour duration and half an hour of Q&A. The charges would be Rs 1500 inclusive of GST. For details contact
  • KK Biotech organizes internships as per NEP 2020 for first year/second year/ third year/fourth year students both online and offline with certificate of successful completion

Research Projects and Consultancy

Biotechnologist Paving the Path for the young.

Facilitating and framing the research proposal

  • KK Biotech will facilitate, enable and empower Project students of MSc, MTech and BTech to discuss their ideas, help them to ideate and implement. Enable students to write Statement Of Purpose (SOP) who are keen to pursue higher studies abroad.

Preclinical Trial without using animal

  • To market any product, be it medicines or cosmetics, one must obtain clearance from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or equivalent body DCGI / Bureau of Indian Standards. FDA guidelines suggest use of alternatives to whole-animal testing for Cosmetic products and drugs (under 3R approach: Refinement, Reduction, and Replacement) for the purpose of analysing Metabolism and Toxicity of drugs due to Global Ban on animal testing.

    It is mandatory to test the drug metabolism and toxicity on in-vitro Hepatocytes models from various populations majorly Asian and Caucasian donors. The advantage is not only using non-animal models for testing but directly doing the test in-vitro using human live hepatocytes and kidney epithelial cells which have been cryopreserved and Skin tissues obtained from human donors.

    It is mandatory to provide data of Drug-Drug interactions and Transporters studies using the in vitro models such as on Hepatocytes and Kidney epithelial cell lines. Skin based formulation must be tested by skin penetration studies as recommended by OECD guidelines of 428 (

    KK Biotech has tied with a French company to conduct pre-clinical trials who have vast amounts of experience.

Protein Purification and Characterization

  • KK Biotech can enable adaptation of Technology using locally available raw materials and facilitate industries who need help in this area as well as aspiring Biotechnology entrepreneurs. .