KK Biotech has been established to promote Biotechnology among aspiring and practicing Biotechnologists/Life Science/Chemistry Students

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KKBiotech has created a Biotechnology Education for Students and Teachers (BEST) club where students from various schools, colleges and universities interact and exchange ideas through a common platform with practitioners in Biotechnology

Benefits for Registering at KKBiotech

  • Internships
  • Certificate of participation for lectures
  • Practical (Industrial) knowledge of the subject
  • Conceptual understanding of the subject

Aspiring Youth

  • Biotechnology/Life Science Students (pursuing as well as completed)
  • University/Institution offering Biotechnology Life Science/Chemistry programs

Online internship for BTech Biotechnology Students


Bridge the gap between Academic pursuit and the real world to make them employable

First Week Introduction to Proteomics, Genomics, Enzymology, Covid Genomics
Second Week Clinical applications of Stem Cells
Third Week Cytometry: Research and Clinical Diagnostics
Fourth Week Food preservation technologies and Regulatory issues
Duration One -month
One hour theory lecture and two hours demonstration and big data analysis every day

Students who attended and submitted the assignments are given badges after every week of completion. Certificate issued on successful completion of the program

Sample Badge and Certificate on completion of 2nd week Internship

Internship Program offered in following areas

  • Industry oriented - Food Technology, Diagnostics, Clinical Trials, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics, Data Analysis, Stem Cell based applications, Animal free drug testing, Drug Screening, Cancer, Biosensors, Protein Purification, Characterization, Functional Foods
  • Research Oriented - Immunology, Stem Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Cyto-metrics, Genomics, Proteomics, Amino acids, Peptide Chemistry, Genetic engineering, Protein Engineering, Functional Foods, Bioinformatics
  • Techniques – LC-MS, Flow cytometry, Protein Purification, Microbiology, Virology, Industrial Biotechnology ,Microscopy, Crystallography

Assistance for Colleges and Universities

  • Complete coursework on Specific areas Online Training
  • Faculty Development via subject matter experts


You can find the videos of the latest events in this section